The Patented Technology to Prevent AR-15 Accidental Discharges


2ndSafe is a groundbreaking accessory designed for AR-15 rifles, aimed at preventing accidental or negligent discharges. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, this innovative solution ensures enhanced safety without compromising on firearm functionality.

Hand Movements of the Operator to Manipulate the 2NDSAFE System

Market Opportunity:

With the increasing emphasis on firearm safety and regulations, the market for safety accessories is ripe for disruption. 2ndSafe addresses a critical need in the firearms industry, catering to responsible gun owners and law enforcement agencies alike.

2NDSAFE System In Action

Unique Selling Proposition (USP):

2ndSafe offers a unique combination of advanced safety features and seamless integration with the AR-15 platform. Its intuitive design and reliability set it apart from traditional safety mechanisms, making it a must-have for firearm enthusiasts prioritizing safety.

Seamless Transitions with 2NDSAFE System

Key Features:

  • Patented technology for preventing accidental discharges
  • Easy installation and compatibility with standard AR-15 models
  • Durable construction ensuring long-term reliability
  • Non-intrusive design preserving firearm aesthetics


The Issue:


What is the problem.
When the AR-15 and M4 platform were created it was by far the best superior weapon on the
market. It was used by our military to ensure our readiness and peace throughout the world. They
trained to ensure they could manipulate the weapon by coming off safety and firing and putting it
back on safe. The rifle sling was then introduced to be able to carry it comfortably, they also only
trained on the range without any gear on.
The biggest issue is they did not carry as much gear as one carries today. Extra magazines with
ammunition, extra pistol magazines with ammunition, a radio for communication, medical gear,
etc.! So, this issue became when one is actively deploying with rifle, gear and the rifles weapons
only safety was now coming off by rubbing onto the extra gear one was carrying and sadly an
accidental or negligent discharge would occur.

The Background.
This weapon then became very useful to the law enforcement agencies through out the country
based on an incident in CA. Where bank robbers used a level of superiority to keep patrol
officers pinned down and not able to save their partners. Because the only ones who could use
the rifle platform were the SWAT personnel as the agencies only vested in training their elite.
However, after this incident which bought to lite the need for patrol officers to be prepared as
they are first on scene. The agencies invested in the rifle platforms.
Then training became an issue for most departments on weapons manipulations and how to
deploy with the rifle platforms, to date for a group of ten or more shooters there must be at least
three range officers to ensure the safety and integrity of the range. This practice should always
remain. Because the human element is always present.

2NDSAFE Material List:


Pad, glass filled nylon polymer

Frame,cast 4140 hardened

Spring 1070 spring steel

Pivot Rod Carbon Steel black oxide

Button head screw, alloy Steel black oxide.

Roll pin, 1050 spring steel

Allen Wrench,Carbon steel hard

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